You’re Selling a Home to Someone Buying a House

Our homes are very special places. Nothing compares to the sense of peace, comfort, safety and security which a home filled with love brings. Often, when there’s a moment of quiet in my own Ruidoso home, the memories of family and friends, both two and four legged, seem to ooze from every room, swirling around me, ethereal spirits bringing smiles and contentment. These are, indeed, very special places the values of which are seemingly not easy to quantify.

But as our domestic situations evolve and we decide reluctantly or willfully to sell these special places, it is just that, quantifying the value of your home, which will be forefront in any buyer’s mind. These wonderful refuges, filled with our lives over all these years will now be measured, inspected, compared, criticized and com-modified. Ouch. Yep, we need to realize that buyers, when in the evaluation phase of a prospective purchase, will never look at our homes as nothing more than a house, an assemblage of wood, tile, metal and other mechanical systems. To them, these heartless bidders on your past, your memories remain mainly invisible and those that can be seen … a photo of your child’s graduation, your college diploma, an autographed football … are merely distractions and reminders that there are interlopers, trespassers living in this place which they want to make their home. You can almost see the battle lines being drawn … SELLER’S SWEET, PRECIOUS MEMORIES vs. BUYER’S CALLOUSNESS! It’s a very real schism which can exist between the parties. It’s difficult for us as sellers to not only emotionally detach ourselves from our homes and the memories which they exude but also not recall all those special construction projects in which we engaged, all those custom benefits that our places have which others don’t and, of course, all those dollars we pumped, dumped or lumped into our real estate. 

As sellers, we probably need to spend a few miles in the buyer’s moccasins to get realistic about our property value, anticipated time on market and improvements required which may be pointed out during a post purchase agreement home inspection. We all know that buyers aren’t really unfeeling, callous property buying bots focused singularly on ripping your vision of your home to shreds. Our perspectives simply rotate 180 degrees when were buying versus selling. As buyers, we’re all out there simply comparative shopping, weighing the pros and cons of one property versus another, looking at these structures, which we call houses, as commodities each with calculable and assignable values.

We sellers need to keep this awareness of the buyer’s perspective front and center when we list our properties for sale and then remind ourselves again when we enter into price negotiations. This will help us ensure we price our property accurately relative to current market sales, lessen the potential anguish we may experience when your listing languishes on the market, low offers finally arrive and inspectors’ reports describe for buyers a litany of problems with your ‘home.

Not too worry though; you’ll be the buyer next time!